Sanyo Denki SMS-15 INdustrial Personal Computer

The Sanyo Denki SMS-15 Industrial Personal Computer is driven by the dramatic development of IT (Information Technology), industrial controls and monitoring devices have increasingly become computer-based and open architecture. The resulting market for the industrial personal computer (Industrial PC) is expanding at a rapid rate. Considering this market for Industrial PCs, the user requirements are very diversified. Requirements include the normal increases in CPU speed but also includes a scalable product system that can meet the unique needs of the user. Considering the full range of user needs, we have discovered keywords such as “compact”, “larger display”, “complete networking capability including Local Area Network”, “optional assembly”, and “value-oriented price”. The “SMS-15” was developed with these requirements in mind to complement the top-end market as compared with our existing “SMS-10”. Product Family: SMS-15, SMS 15, SMS15

Reduced in Space as Compared to SMS-10 National Semiconductor Geode GX1-300 MHz CPU Processor Supported by Windows OS, VxWorks, QNX, and Linux Includes (2) USB 1.0 Compatible Interfaces and (2) 10/100BASE-T Ethernet Ports Graphic Function Supports 1280x1024 (with 256 Colors) or up to 1024x768 with (65,536 Colors)

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